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There were several things that we considered as we searched for an appropriate set of plans:

  • Cabin: this was a unconditional requirement, due to the need to create a sheltered, conditioned environment for Devy. Summers at Lake Diefenbaker are frequently hot (30 deg. Celsius and higher), windy (30 km), or both.
  • Level of difficulty: I'd like to eventually be able to build direct from plans, but I think skills are acquired over a range of projects in varying difficulties. We built a small recreational rowing shell (Merry Wherry) from a complete stitch-and-glue kit. Given the boats I'd like to build, building a standard-framed boat starting with a frame-kit seemed like the next logical step.
  • Weight: Although we won't trailer the boat a lot, we do need to haul it occasionally and we really shouldn't be hauling much more than 1500 lbs behind our little 4-wheeler (2000 Chevy Tracker).
  • Aesthetics: This is a pretty subjective area. After much searching, the short list came down to the  Cruisette, a Glen-L Marine design and the Shark Cruiser from Clark Craft. In the end, there was just something about the lines of the Cruisette that captured my heart.
  • Quality and Support: I got excellect advice from several people, but Glen-L and Clark were familiar friends from decades of dreaming and both went above and beyond when I had questions.