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Here are some photos of the top-side during construction. The cabin isn't going to be particularly well appointed, but then it's not intended to be anything more than a way to get out of the weather and provide a bit more confidence in some of the heavier seas. There might be the occasional overnighter if Ron goes on a fishing trip with the 'boys' or if we get caught out in a storm or break down.

Seating ( Oct 15, 2006): All the seats have been built.

Days 63-65 ( Jul 16, 2006): Ready to launch!

Days 57 and 58 ( Jun 25, 2006): The topside fiberglassing is done and the winch in installed.

Days 55 and 56 ( Jun 21, 2006): The motor-well is done and the rear seats are roughed-in.

Days 53 and 54 ( Jun 11, 2006): The cabin roof and cockpit walls are in. Huge progress in relation to the actual labour :)

Days 51 and 52 ( Jun 4, 2006): We got a motor!

Days 48-50 ( May 22, 2006): Slow but sure...

Days 44-47 ( May 17, 2006): The topsides are starting to come together.

Days 41-43 ( Apr 16, 2006): The floor is complete

Days 39 and 40 ( Apr 12, 2006): The floor was harder than I expected.

Days 37 and 38 ( Apr 2, 2006): Finally, some real work on the top-side.