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By Ron Porter
Sunday, October 15, 2006

I finally finished the last of the actual construction by putting in a couple of jump seats in the cockpit. There is now seating for 8 or 9 people, not that I'll be allowed to legally load up like that. Depending on how friendly they are, 4 or 5 people could sit in the cabin. There are 2 permanent seats by the motor well and 2 fold-away seats about halfway back in the cockpit.

Here's a shot of the cabin.

Cabin seating


This is a lousy photo, but it's the only one I have from this vantage point. I was standing on top of the cabin looking down into the cockpit. As you can see, the two jump seats still need finishing work. I'm afraid that will have to wait for spring, because it was just too cold outside to be working with epoxy.

Overhead shot of cockpit seating


This shot should give you an idea how high off the floor the seats are. They're kind of a stool height so that it's possible to see over top of the cabin.

Side shot of cockpit seating


Finally, here is a shot taken from a ladder near the stern. I didn't get the shot framed all that great, but hanging off a ladder isn't the easiest way to take pictures.

High stern shot of cockpit seating