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Days 55 and 56

By Ron Porter
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We've got the motorwell done and the rear seats are roughed-in. When it's finished, the seats will be on hinges so that we can get at the batteries on the starboard side and at the head on the port.. You read right--we're putting a portable toilet in under the port seat. Hey, we've got a berth up front, why not a head?

Straight-on shot of the motor-well


That little stick under the motor well is actually a permanent fixture. The gas tank I'm using has an indent just off the centre line, creating a dual chamber tank. The second chamber acts as a kind of reserve--if you run out of gas, just tip the tank a bit and the fuel from the second chamber will pour into the main chamber. Presumably that will get you back to shore. Anyway, I checked around and this tank design is quite common so felt confident in putting this in to fit the indent, thus preventing the tank from sliding side to side. By the time we're done, there will be other things to keep stuff from sliding forward.

Also, we're planning to eventually cut into the main side wall of cockpit to create a foldout tray with a campstove attached. Toss a cooler under the berth and we'll be fully equipped for an overnight trip. I doubt that we'll actually do so on a regular basis, but it'll sure make getting storm stayed a lot easier to take. And I'll be the envy of all the guys when we go on one of those rare fishing trips!

Angle shot of the motor-well