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Days 51 and 52

By Ron Porter
Sunday, June 04, 2006

We didn't get any work done last week-end because Crestline was fighting through one of the most complex year-ends ever. Between broken accounting systems and inexperienced inventory staff, I was kept busy keeping the data collection under control.

Starboard view of cabin frame and outboard motor

As you can see, we picked up the new motor! This is a new(!) 1999 Suzuki 40-hp two-cycle with oil-injection. My brother Dave came in with his half-ton to help me pick it and hang it off the transom. Now that I see how it sits, I'll need to lift if off again to make things a bit more robust. Oh yeah, I've got the framing finished for the cabin.

Stern view of the new motor

The motor looks good against the white.

Stern-Port view of the new motor

Yet another shot of the motor. Can you tell I'm excited?

Cabin framing from port-bow

OK, we did get some work done, too.All it needs now is a roof. I was afraid that it was going to look bulkier than it does, and I'm sure it'll be better once it's painted.

Frame from the starboard bow