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Days 44-47

By Ron Porter
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've got quite a few pictures in this set because there wasn't a lot of time for much of anything. That sounds odd, I know, but the band I'm in (Saskatoon Brass Band) had a couple of major festivals on consecutive week-ends, so between extra rehearsals and road trips, I didn't have much time for either the boat or the web site. But I still took pictures!

This first shot is of one of the rehearsals for the Prairie Brass Band Festival. This is the 6th such event, originally started by the Saskatoon Brass Band. Not a boat photo, but it's proof that there was little time for building!

Prairie Brass Band Festival rehearsal in Winnipeg, April 2006


This is what I managed to get done on Sunday afternoon after getting home from the festival. Bumper rails. Oh well, they needed to be installed and they are.

Bumper rail


And then we (the band) help inaugurate what we hope to be an annual Canadiana Festival with a couple of local bands, including a High School Select Band. This first edition was an all Howard Cable event, including the man himself waving the stick!,,,

But I still managed to get some work done on the berth. Here's my pride and joy: I got a pretty much perfect fit along the inside of the hull. It took a couple of tries with some scrap MDF to get a template cut, but the results were worth it. As you can see, there is some storage under this part of the berth.

The main part of the berth


...and the part of the berth that fits in the very front worked out okay, too. I've packed floatation foam under this part of the berth.

The very front of the berth


Well, the band festivals are over, so it's back to work with a vengeance! Here's the main cabin wall, complete with routered cutouts for the entry door, a window, and a couple of access doorways to what will be storage under the seating part of the berth (not yet constructed). The attentive will notice that the access doorways are just a bit taller than makes sense--oh well, I did a great job on the berth (so far) and screwed up the measurements here. I never realized the problem until after I had everything epoxied in place, so I guess I either leave them and put large doors or find a way to close in the top half of those holes. Either way, you'll get pictures.

The main cabin wall


Yup, the doorway works!

The cabin doorway


And here is the front deck. It's not a great photo, because I was in a hurry to make it for a Mother's Day supper. But the deck fits!

The forward deck