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We started out Saturday with the plan to finish the basics of framing this week-end. So we've most of the stations set up and I'm double-checking that everything is level. Can't beat luck!

Checking that the keel is going to be level.

The plans note the value of adding a plywood lamination to the insided of the keel. Benefits include better split resistance and more strength for use with higher horsepower motors. No negative consequences were noted. I realized that there was likely to be some fallout, but since we are planning to put the largest recommended motor on this thing, I felt that I should add the lamination. Oops!. Now the keel sits so high against all other frame members that a significant fraction of the keel will be faired away in preparation for sheeting. Oh well, that's why jig saws and spokeshaves were invented. Fortunately we already owned a jigsaw and I had already had my eye on a spokeshave. I trimmed away a bit of the keel bed, thus making a more sensible fit for the keel.

Redo the keel bed.

After making the necessary adjustments to the keel bed, it seemed like a good idea to make sure that everything is still going to come out straight and level. It looks good. Can't beat luck!

So, we didn't get as far as planned, but that's okay, because we're actually still ahead of where I thought we would be. All in all, things are going faster than I expected.

Recheck level after keel bed modifications.