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Last coat of white

Well, I got the last coat of white paint applied on Saturday. I did a bunch of work on the trailer during the day and then did the painting just before I shut it down for the day. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Blue from Bow

I did more work on the trailer on Sunday and then just before leaving for the day I painted the blue wedge on the bow. We went back later in the evening to take off the masking tape (forgot the camera!), but confirmed that we're done painting!

Blue from starboard

It doesn't look all that great while upside-down, but I did some image rotation and think that it'll work out fine from a different point of view. We are ready to turn this over onto the trailer to finish the top side! I can't tell you how happy I am to have reached this milestone!


Update: March 15, 2006

After I posted these pictures, a couple of funny guys decided that it was important to take that different point of view. In more ways than one!

First off the mark was Uncle Norm with his rendition of the Ron-Dev-OO (he won't give up on the name obviously thinks the paint scheme could use some help).

RonDevOO from Uncle Norm

The next guy to weigh in was my brother Dave. He left the paint alone, but felt it was important to put it into a more realistic setting.

drBoat from Dave


Once he saw that others were having a bit of fun, my brother George decided to contribute. I guess he's never really understood that we're building a powerboat, not a sailboat. Oh well, nice job anyway!

Thanks to everyone for the artists' conceptions.