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Cradle Stringers

It doesn't look like much, but this was an important step. Not only did we get a good start on a way to set the boat on the trailer, we did a good enough job on this to make up for last week-end's fiasco. We didn't actually make up any time--I'm not sure that's even possible--but we did get done what I had hoped we'd get done. Even though you only see 2 of the stringers, they are actually all cut and ready to assemble. I couldn't get more than two to sit there by themselves because they kept sliding off at the bow end. That epoxy is slippery stuff!

Anyway, between now and Saturday, I have to decide which stringers to use. We cut six: 2 to fit at the chine (the sides) and 4 to fit at the battens (2 battens between the chine and the keel). Even though I'd like to forget about the chine stringers (they're an awkward fit), I think that they are an important part of a stable ride. I think we really need the ones that fit the battens nearest the keel for good support and weight distribution. I'm not sure about the other stringers (between the two shown above and the matching one on the other side). Leaving them out would simplify construction and save weight. However, now that they're cut, it seems pointless to worry about 60 pounds of trailer weight. And I don't think that the construction will be that much simpler. I guess maybe I just talked myself into using all the stringers!

This coming week-end is painting. We're planning to give it two coats of paint. I can't see it taking more than about an hour per coat, so that leaves lots of time to finish off the boat cradle for the trailer.

I also have to finalize arrangements for the turning party. I've already got permission from work to have a few friends in to help turn the boat over onto the trailer, but I really should confirm that. I'd also like to see if there is a problem having a case of beer to split after the work is done! Oh, and I should set a time and date so that anybody who can come help knows when to show up.