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Spray rail

Well, it sure doesn't look like much has been done since last week-end! So what went wrong? Let me count the ways:

  1. I skipped a page in my planning manual. I thought the only thing left to do to the hull was paint it. That would have left us without spray rails, keel strip, skeg--not good.
  2. When I did find my place, I managed to not follow the instructions! I was busy trying to attach the wrong piece of wood at the joint along the keel/stem and wondering why it wouldn't work. Fortunately, I did finally give up and go back to the instructions and match up what was written with the bill of materials.
  3. We did something funky with the starboard spray rail--the one that looked like it was going to go on easy. When we were actually fixing it into position, we simply could not get a really good alignment with the port spray rail, nor could we get back the nice fit we had against the keel strip.
  4. So, there I am trying to apply a filler to try and compensate for the problems outlined in number 3. No problem, right? Wrong! Somehow I managed to get the filler mixed up a little on the sloppy side and it just refused to stay where I was putting it.

Needless to say, I eventually realized that my native stubbornness was proving to be a liability, so I just shut things down. Next week-end isn't that far away. I won't have time to finish the planing and filling and still get to the paint, so that'll put us 2 weeks behind--that's further behind--but it should be a relaxing couple of weeks. We'll take our time and get things right. And we can lose another few weeks and still be in the water before winter comes back around.