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Fiberglass - stern view

These photos show the results of the fiberglassing. There isn't a lot to see, but if you compare with last week-end's photos, you should see two things. Obviously, there is a bit of sheen now, the result of reflections from the epoxy that saturates the fiberglass cloth and bonds it to the wood. Less obviously, you can see that sanding between then and now has dramatically reduced the area covered by fairing compound--everything is very straight and smooth even if it's not in a state that allows it to go unpainted. Not a problem, because we've assumed from the start that we'd be painting as opposed to varnishing.

Everything went well, although we did have a bit of a challenge with laying out the fiberglass cloth. I was expecting to find either two pieces of cloth, each one wide enough to cover keel to sheer with some overlap and both long enough to cover bow to stern including the full height of the transom or three pieces of cloth, one wide enough to cover chine to chine across the bottom and bow to stern including the full height of the transom and two pieces each wide enough to cover the sides. What we got was two pieces that had to be cut and pieced in strange and wondrous ways. Well, it wasn't that bad, but it was unexpected. Or maybe we just didn't see the right way to lay things out sensibly, but everything actually came out very nice.

Fiberglassing - bow view