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By Ron Porter
Monday, September 04, 2006

I've been a little slack with the photos, lately. It's not that there was no work being done, just not thinking about pictures. Anyway, you can see the nice new guide posts that really help with getting the boat on and off the trailer. I've also got some handrails installed and, if you look closely, you can see the back of one of the transom seats.

Port guidepost and handrail


Here is the same thing from the other side, but this one shows the transom seat a bit better.

Starboard guidepost and hand rail


This is not a great photo, but I'll blame it on the nasty lighting--full sun on the glossy surface of the seat and full shade on everything else. In any case, this is supposed to show one of the transom seats. The back is part of some additional bracing across the transom and the seat is hinged on the cockpit wall. Underneath is a porta-a-potty. That, by the way, has already proven to be extremely useful!

Closeup of transom seat


Finally, we have a full shot of the starboard side so that you get an idea of what the handrails do to the lines. Overall, I think the effect is okay. And I know they work, because we've already had a few challenges getting in and out of the boat. Oh, that's our cabin in the background. Someday we'll have to some work on that, too.

Mostly done