I'm Back!

I don't know for how long, but I'm going to try keeping up to date with my various projects. At the very least, I hope to not go a decade between posts!

Our host, LFCHosting, has been acquired by Host Papa. Both are Canadian companies, so that makes me happy. LFC seemed to be a Saskatchewan company while Host Papa is in Ontario. Oh well, can't have everything and Host Papa support has so far proven to be as responsive and helpful as LFC was.

What's left of our original site is still available in all it's early 2000's glory. I have no plans of putting in the effort to do anything about updating or fixing it, so broken links are likely. But, as with all things I do, that decision remains forever tentative.

Site Structure

This page will remain as the home page for the foreseeable future. Partly because I think it's good policy to have a reasonably static home page describing what a visitor can expect to find and partly because I'm lazy and like to keep maintenance and modifications to a minimum. I'll let you decide which looms larger in my mind. (Hint: the last update to my original site was some time ago...)

Having said that, this is a work in progress. About the only real decisions I've made are: restart site, and keep it simple. Naturally, what proves simplest to any visitor might not be simple for me to discover. As a result, even if this page content remains fairly static, the layout and overall navigation probably won't.

What can you expect to find here?

My old site was supposed to be for project diaries or builder's logs or maker's journals or whatever you want to call them. The first diary was the building of our first powerboat, a modified Cruisette. And that's where things stopped. Partly because we were too busy using it, but mostly because we got busy changing our careers to support a completely new way of life. We're no longer city dwellers, having traded that for living full-time in the cabin (mobile home) that was our week-end and vacation home. Hauling water, heating with wood (pellets; no chopping!), cooking with propane, no cell service, and no internet for a decade until Starlink brought us into the 21st century in August, 2021.

If this software does what it's supposed to do (read: if I can figure out how to use it), then I shouldn't need to point out the various projects here, because they'll automagically show up in the navigation menu(s). That said, we now have a shop so there should be some boat-building in the future. I recently purchased a 3D printer so you should expect some writing, photos, and maybe even my own designs. I also have plans to build a CNC router. If that comes to fruition, you can expect me to document the process as well as anything I build.

You might find the occasional blog-like post, but they will be at least tangentially related to making stuff. I have another domain name that I will set up if the urge to pontificate on the issues of the day proves irresistible.

What won't you find here?

Ads: You won't find any ads.

Social Media Trackers: You won't find any "share" buttons to social media sites.

Comments or Logins You won't find a comments section or anything else that requires a login unless I can figure out the privacy angle. In the rare event you find something worth commenting on, you'll have to manually share it with a relevant Reddit community. That's the only social media site I use and I subscribe to most subs that I view as relevant to my interests.

What I can't seem to get rid of...

Cookies and JavaScript: The site doesn't work for me in edit mode unless I keep JavaScript and Cookies enabled in my browser. In fact, I can't even login without cookies and JavaScript. As far as I can tell, you should be able to use the site with both disabled. I am giving some thought to doing all my work locally, then uploading the results to the web server. Done right, that may have the side effect of eliminating cookies and JavaScript, but that's for another day.

! # Privacy Policy ! That's easy. I cannot provide any guarantees regarding what Grav, Gantry, or Host Papa do with their default configurations and services, but I don't do anything to collect, store, or disseminate anything about the users of this site.